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I am available for hire as a contractor. Here are some of the things I can achieve for your company:

I have extensive experience with a number of technologies in production, notably JavaScript, Go, React and Ruby. Here is my GitHub profile, a resume, and talks with links to videos.

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I am open to both short term and long term contracts.

Previous engagements

Luxury Escapes

Rearchitected the purchase flow in a brittle internal React web application into a scalable and extendable solution handling >AU$100 million of purchases yearly.

Using node.js microservices and React, extended a hotel-only travel business platform into an integrated flights & hotel bundling buisness. Optimized a checkout process of a React application by 40%, handling >AU$300 million purchases yearly.

Sung redefined what we believed we could achieve through a combination of both extremely high quality code & fast delivery.

Timothy Downs, Head of Engineering @ Luxury Escapes


Designed, and built a GUI for a distributed graph database using React and Go. Shipped an open source clone of StackOverflow using Dgraph, React and node.js.

Designed, built, and maintained the official docs website and an interactive tutorial.

Style Atlas

Built Ranges, a feature that replaces spreadsheet for designers and fashion labels.



Designed and built a free and open source, commercial note-taking application supporting clients in web, command line, browser extensions, and an IDE plugin.

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